The Stormacre Affix is proudly owned by Cathrine Mercer & Louise Thomas.

The Kennel Club granted the Stormacre Affix on the 14th March 2002.

We live just outside of the historic market town Louth. We are lucky enough to own busy boarding kennels & Cattery, which means we are always at home with our beloved dogs.

Our dogs are show dogs and much loved members of our family. We aim to produce healthy dogs that can turn their paw to whatever their owners would like them to do.

There are two foundation bitches for the Stormacre Kennel, Wintervale Breeze (Polly) & Larachel Millers Daughter (Millie). Both were taken from us too young, but they will aways live on in all the Stormacre Curlies.

Millie arrived first, purely by accident really. She came home in the November of 1999,  a 12 week old puppy that was the laziest most loving puppy we have ever known. Polly joined us as an adult in 2000, she could not of been any more different to Millie if she tried. Pip (Daelyb Purdey), was a funny girl who loved everything but not quite everyone. We were never lucky enough to get a litter from pip, but she lived to a grand old age and gave us many years of happiness. All three girls will never be forgotten.


Daelyb Purdey (Pip)

After Louise having a soft spot for the Sussex Spaniel for many years we decided in 2014 we wanted to take on a second breed, and with the help of friends we finally brought home our first Sussex in January 2015, Marquell Xactly right of Stormacre (Dolly). dolly